Developing Skills

Skills can be everything from digital coloring and illustration, vehicle drafting, concept art, comic book storytelling, or freelance advice and what one of my favorite author Timothy Ferriss calls Lifestyle Design; the mastery of balancing work, hobbies, money, and a social life.

Refining Personal Style

So you've got the basics nailed down. You know your anatomy, perspective, light and shadow, now you just need to stand out. We will find your inspirations, study them, copy them, and learn from them so that you can find your artistic voice and vision. 

Building Out-of-School Portfolio

Developing a body of work is the alpha and omega in art. It's the first thing an editor or director will see and a portfolio is only as good as it's worst piece. Together we will develop a physical and online portfolio that caters to your area of study, animation, game design, concept art, fashion, etc.

Finding Work in Your Field.

After you've accomplished everything above it's time to strike out and find some work. Will will make sure your online presence is established, your social networks are synced, and your professional hunting candor up to snuff. Together we will strike out and find the ripest hunting grounds for finding work.