Mentorship Program

This program is designed to refine the skills and abilities you've just began to awaken on your own or at University and through specific, one-on-one direction. The program will also utilize a community where we will work together to make each member better and stronger as artists and professionals via weekly assignments, meetups, and events. There is no syllabus, there are no requirements, and there is no way to fail. The harder you work the more you'll get out of it.  

The world of commercial art can be brutal and together we can make sure you're prepared. 

2017's program will take place from May 1st to August 1st. 

Cheers and good luck!

Areas of Study

Here are some categories and directions we can focus on. 

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A collection of previous lessons, videos, instructionals, critiques and assignments for your parusal. 

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Facebook Group

Our groups social hub. We will share our art, comment, critique, and stay up to date on each other's progress.